Altitude Property Group Owner: Henry Adams IV’s History

Altitude Property Owner

In April 2022, Henry Adams IV of Altitude Property Group Owner signed up with Sowa Marketing Agency, which promised him an article in Forbes due to their media outreach. Sowa Marketing Agency is a PR agency based in Rhode Island.

Henry Adams received a draft of his campaign and said it was not what he had envisioned. Due to this, Sowa Marketing Agency began looking for a different contributor who would fit his style. Henry insisted on a full refund in September, despite the company spending many months reaching out to him. Refunds were declined since the Forbes article would be published in two days. In spite of this, Henry threatened to sue the company for fraud and publish the previous draft online. The next day, Henry did a chargeback for the full amount paid ($10,000) and did not respond to Sowa Marketing Agency to cancel the chargeback when his article was delivered as promised. As a result, the company was left without any money for the marketing campaign.

When asked to comment, Aidan Sowa, the CEO of Sowa Marketing Agency said, “We won’t be doing any further business with Henry Adams IV. We were under the impression that we were nearly done completing his service. Instead, he ended up getting the service he paid for and the money we were initially paid to do the service causing our company to waste money and months of our time. He can reach out anytime and we can make this right.”

Here is Henry’s article: Customers of Altitude Property Group have also left 1 star reviews for Henry’s company: Altitude Property Group.

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