Getting to know MODE12

The name MODE12 has started to reverberate around the music industry. We decided to sit down with the man himself to find out exactly who he is, where he came from, and where he is heading.

Thank you for taking the time to talk to us! How is everything going for you?

Everything is going great thank you. I am in a really good place artistically and I am fully focused on
this exciting chapter ahead.

So tell us, how and when did you start producing music?

It was during a music lesson in school at just 13 years old. The music teacher tasked us with creating
a short song, using either an instrument or using software. I chose software and instantly fell in love,
realising I had a natural aptitude for it.

For those reading who have never heard of you, give us a few words on your career to date?

Sure. I worked for 10 years behind the scenes as a music producer. It was never part of the
plan and all happened pretty randomly, but it helped me to level up my music production.

Were you producing one particular genre?

No. It was mainly commercial music, but during that period I produced pretty much all genres. Loads
of hip hop. I also did ghost production for independent artists as well as tutoring, where I would
teach aspiring artists how to do various things within music production.

Why did you stop doing it?

It was honestly all quite hard to step away from because the money was very good, but like I
mentioned above it was never part of my plan. My number one aspiration is to have a smash hit
here in the UK, and although I owe a lot to those years of doing the ghost production, I had to reach
a point in time where I focused exclusively on achieving this dream, and that time came in 2020.

What has happened since then?

I spent the last couple of years locked in my studio doing nothing other than writing and producing
big house bangers! I have around 10 songs which are all ready to go, and three or four of them that I
wholeheartedly believe have the potential to be huge. We have produced music videos too.

Tell us about your process for making a record?

This is where I vary from a lot of other artists. Aside from the mastering and singing, I do absolutely
everything else myself, from the production to writing the lyrics. I am very obsessive over every little
detail to the point where I even annoy myself, but I believe this is what gives me an edge.

Your debut single was released on Friday 3rd June. It is a remake of the 90’s hit Let Me Be Your
Fantasy, and it sounds like it is going to be a summer smash hit. Why did you decide to remake this song?

I am a massive fan of 90s music as a whole but I have always loved this track. Its one that I have
always wanted to remake, but it was about finding the write sound and ultimately ensuring that the
track has hit potential. Once I rewrote the melody it all came together super quickly.

You feature Daniel Pearce on vocals, going for a male over the iconic female voice. A great choice,
but why?

I actually had Lydia Lucy (X-Factor, The Voice, and worked with Black Eyed Peas) singing on this track
originally, but my management felt that we needed to switch it up and make something that felt
fresh, so we went with a male vocalist and this was the result. I also made several changes to the
production to suit his vocal.


Are there any other acts that you want to work with?

Doja cat is my number one. I just think she has it all. Aside from her, I also have a couple of other
tracks in the pipeline that feature big acts of yesterday. Watch this space!
Thanks for your time.


How about we catch up later on in the year?

My pleasure and yes, lets do it






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