How 2 Ecuadorian entrepreneurs launched the first crypto-friendly members only lounge in the West Coast

In the world of business, entrepreneurship is a driving force that shapes industries and promotes innovation. Guillermo Aharom Abendaño Duque, and Abel Loor are two entrepreneurs hailing from the small country of Ecuador. These two are making waves in Hollywood with their latest business venture in the hospitality space. Exotica Lounge is the first of its kind crypto-friendly members-only lounge in the West Coast. With years of experience in hospitality and a thriving catering company, the first location in Hollywood was a natural step. 

Meet the Players: Guillermo Abendaño

Guillermo Abendaño is a dynamic serial entrepreneur who started his journey in America as an immigrant with very little knowledge in the English world. Today, he is a 6-figure business owner and investor. Guillermo’s main business, Exotica, has tripled its revenue since its inception in 2021 business which was built up from the ground up by himself and taken to success by consistent leadership and his drive to succeed . He also has a marketing agency called “AYVI” that helps companies automate their marketing strategies with AI. Guillermo is also a trader and crypto investor, having kicked off his investment journey by buying BTC at $8k. He is well-known for throwing yacht parties, millionaire networking events, and being heavily connected in Hollywood’s hospitality industry. Moreover, Guillermo is a passionate member of the Ecuadorian non-profit organization, Warmis and Karis.

Meet the Players: Abel “Aloor” Loor 

Abel Loor, professionally known as “Aloor,” is a music executive, web3 strategist, and producer whose work has been featured on Billboard Latino, Univision, Fox, and more. He has worked with major brands and corporations such as GQ/Condé Nast, LA Kings, Native Instruments, and OneRPM. A natural social butterfly, Aloor has leveraged his vast network to create an incredible ecosystem of creatives and entrepreneurs. Together with Guillermo Abendaño, these entrepreneurs have created a unique experience that combines their expertise in music, hospitality, and crypto.

Hollywood Hotspot Location

Exotica Lounge, the brainchild of these enterprising individuals, is strategically located in the heart of Hollywood. This prime location offers proximity to several world-renowned hospitality hotspots, including Beauty & Essex, The Highlight Room at the Dream Hotel, TAO, Mainro, and 3rd Base. Exotica Lounge took a members-only approach to provide a luxurious and exclusive atmosphere for its members. With a focus on crypto, the lounge offers the ability for members to pay with cryptocurrencies, making it easy for blockchain enthusiasts to enjoy the experience.

Crypto-Friendly Members-Only Lounge

Exotica Lounge has the future as one of its core cornerstones. By allowing members to utilize cryptocurrency as a payment method they are strategically positioning themselves amongst major hospitality groups by catering to all currency on and off the blockchain. The catering brand has already attracted high-profile clientele enjoying the luxury services such as BIA, Keisha Cole, Swae Lee, Blac Chyna, OhGeesy, Chinese Kitty, DDG, Terrance J, and Blueface. They have also catered private events for A-list celebrities such as Chris Brown and Lil Mosey. Exotica has also fostered strategic sponsorships/partnerships with Serbetli and Mob, two leading companies in the industry. With their sights set on Miami and New York City, expect to see Exotica Lounge expand further into hotspots around the globe.

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