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Raquel Quinet

The biggest names in the business industry didn’t always start out successful. There is a natural progression when it comes to reaching the top. Hard work, sacrifice, and an uncompromising drive are key factors to consider when starting one’s business journey. However, an often overlooked aspect is the importance of mentorship. Seeking the right mentor can accelerate a person’s road to success, which is why Raquel Quinet has offered her groundbreaking services to many emerging entrepreneurs. 

Raquel Quinet is a powerhouse in the real estate industry, initially starting her first multi-million dollar business at 19. At such a young age, Raquel had already obtained her real estate license and established her first business by becoming an real estate agent who built a team and open a mortgage company all before 25. Her company immediately built a reputation within the industry, garnering tremendous success through her leadership.

At 25, Raquel Quinet sold her real estate company to take on the CEO position at one of the largest brokerages in the United States. With Raquel at the helm, the company quickly rose to prominence, becoming one of the top ten best-performing real estate companies in the area. She then opened her second real estate business, where she sold over 200 homes within a single year as a solo agent. 

Through her meticulous process and breadth of experience, Raquel Quinet built an efficient system with virtual teams. She took the team model and expanded her services to over twenty markets in the US, obtaining groundbreaking success and cementing her position as an industry authority.

Nowadays, Raquel Quinet shares her blueprint to success through her consultancy firm Play Bigger Consulting, helping entrepreneurs accelerate their growth and revenue and own their zone of genius so they can lead successful companies. Truth be told, scaling up a business enterprise is a daunting task that most real estate professionals, CEOs, and entrepreneurs have to assess deeply. Without the proper guidance, most individuals succumb to the challenge and ultimately give up on their business dreams entirely.

With over two decades of business experience in the real estate industry and building businesses, Raquel Quinet has emerged as a highly coveted real estate and business coach. Her clientele ranges from small business owners to eight-figure entrepreneurs who are real estate agents, leaders and businesswomen. 

Play Bigger Consulting aids entrepreneurs, real estate agents, and their respective teams to achieve even bigger milestones. The company offers a wide range of services, from one-on-one coaching to program courses and events that bring Raquel’s valuable insights. It takes a tailor-made approach toward each of its clients’ success journeys. 

Many of her clients are digital entrepreneurs and real estate agents who have found tremendous success due to Raquel’s services. As an empowered female entrepreneur herself, Raquel Quinet also hopes to inspire other women to materialize their visions and aim for even bigger things in the name of business.

In line with this, Play Bigger Consulting offers events and retreats specifically created to guide female entrepreneurs in scaling their business while navigating through life and even motherhood. This aims to teach female entrepreneurs the importance of supporting other women in the business industry to positively impact each other’s lives. 

The empowering events and retreats aids to bring more women to the forefront of the business industry through crystallized entrepreneurial ideas and a step-by-step approach toward success. Raquel Quinet also has two Play Bigger Masterminds. These programs are created for individuals who need help scaling their business and achieving their next business milestones. 

CEOs can get equipped with the right knowledge and mindset to successfully train their teams for better productivity and efficiency through the offerings of Play Bigger Consulting. Its programs also help them formulate better business strategies that will allow them to scale their brands to a whole new level. 

Overall, Raquel Quinet has positioned herself as a industry leader and growth strategist. It’s no wonder she’s been recognized as one of the Top 10 Female Entrepreneurs guiding us to a better 2022.  Through her knowledge, expertise, and passion, she has cultivated a successful career, scaled multiple businesses  not just for herself but for anyone who has had the pleasure to work with her. With Raquel’s experience, it not just frameworks or theory.  She brings over two decades of building and scaling businesses. 


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