Shelley Swain Berry on Building a Glorious Law Career and Getting Desirable Results for Clients

The law profession is one of the best ways to make an impact and help people, and Shelley Swain Berry is thriving at it and building a powerful name for herself through her work. Popularly called Lawdogg, Shelley Berry is a partner at Ruloff, Swain, Haddad, Morecock, Talbert & Woodward. With her specialization in complex car accidents and medical malpractice cases, she has become well-known for achieving desired results for her clients.

The Virginia-born attorney has represented numerous high-profile cases to date, achieving stellar results. Since 2005 when she graduated from Old Dominion University in Psychology and Political Science with a concentration in Public Law, Shelley has taken a deep interest in personal injury law. This was inspired by her experience as a victim of a severe accident that left her in a wheelchair for several months. Her understanding of the situation of many injured people and their family members made her decide to be the one to protect those living with injuries.

Shelley Swain Berry serves clients all over the United States and is known for maintaining a close, cordial relationship with all her clients. Her goal as a lawyer is to leave her clients in situations where they are better off than when they hired her to work for them. She achieves this by hearing their stories and making their lives easier by working on a plan of action to compensate them for their loss after the unfortunate events that have brought them together.

The journey toward becoming such a highly respected lawyer has been long and winding after obtaining her  Bachelor’s degree from Old  Dominion University. She won a full scholarship to the University of Missouri, where she earned her Master’s degree in Public Policy, graduating at the top of her class. During her Master’s degree program, she got the opportunity to work as an assistant for Vicky Riback Wilson, a Missouri State representative. During her time with Vicky Ribalk Wilson, she witnessed firsthand how the representative fought for legislation on domestic violence, mental health discrimination and many other human rights fights. She proceeded to Regent University School of Law in Virginia Beach, Virginia, where she got her Juris Doctorate. At Regent University, she received the Dean’s Scholarship and Academic Merit Scholarship and served on the Council of Graduate Students.

Having obtained all the necessary education and qualifications, Shelley Swain Berry has proven her mettle in her chosen profession and has received numerous awards to recognize her for her work. She has been named in “Top Lawyers of Coastal Virginia 2016,” “Top 40 Litigation Lawyers Under 40 2017.” “The American Society of Legal Advocates 2018,” “The National Trial Lawyers Top 40 under 40 civil Plaintiff 2019”, “American Institute of Trial Lawyers Top 40 under 40 2020” and “Best of the Best Attorney in Virginia 2021.”

Shelley Swain Berry’s career is a direct reflection of her firm’s commitment to adopting a personalized approach to helping its clients. Every client receives tailored legal services, while the attorney uses all the required resources and skills to ensure victory. She’s an active community-oriented person who enjoys traveling, working out, planning and throwing parties, and spending quality time with her husband Todd and their four young children.

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