What Makes Nidah Barber The Leading Chemical Peel Expert In The Country Today

Nidah Barber

To be considered an expert in chemical peels is quite a privilege for licensed esthetician Nidah Barber. She has been in the business of offering the service for over a decade now and has never disappointed anyone from the 30,000 clients she has served. She is the brains behind the famous foot peel featured on Insider Beauty and Refinery 29. Not only has she successfully popularized chemical peels, but she has also come up with new ways to use them on different body parts, such as the hands, legs, arms, and torso. 

Nidah fell in love with chemical peel when she first tried it 12 years ago. Since then, she has been captivated by the instant transformation of her skin, which maintained a brighter and smoother complexion. She started to research the various kinds of chemical peels and the types of acids involved, even going on to pursue an extensive education in advanced chemical peel biology, specializing in hyperpigmentation, melasma, and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. From then on, she never stopped using chemical peels and even came up with new formulations to help other people achieve the same results, especially those struggling with dryness, pigmentation, and scars. 

As can be expected, Nidah’s success story did not happen overnight. Just like most entrepreneurial journeys, she also learned a lot as she went along. Being able to infuse all the positive insights she gathered into her business strategies hoisted her to where she is today. She continued to pursue opportunities to learn and grow as she committed to bettering herself. 

“I believe the keys to my success are believing in what I do and always knowing there is more to learn. When you are open to learning more, things can only progress and get better. If you can make a person’s experience and result better or are constantly finding ways to do so, there is no way you can lose. Especially if you are willing to work at it,” Nidah shared. “I am very driven and passionate about what I do, so none of this seems like work at all. It’s just challenging to me in a good way.”

Recently, The Peel Connection released its BabyBum Peel, highlighting the mildness and safety of Nidah’s formulation. Some consumers have reservations for fear that the chemicals used will do more harm than good to specific parts of their bodies. Nidah, however, recommends starting with the least invasive procedure on their skin. Chemical peels, according to her, are a great way to get results without causing trauma. 

Nidah has great aspirations for The Peel Connection, knowing that it has the potential to continue innovating in the future and offer more promising services to multiple clients. Long-term, she envisions the company becoming a widely known brand across the country with services synonymous with excellence and quality. She also intends to counter the stigma that comes with the idea of chemical peels by offering a layered approach with moderate percentages. Nidah wants consumers to understand that chemical peels do not have to be aggressive and that great results can still be achieved using a simpler, milder approach. 

Through her two-step multi-layered approach, Nidah hopes to see more and more people embrace the many benefits of chemical peel. As she continues to advocate for its effectiveness and safety, The Peel Connection can be expected to impact more lives in the near future.

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