200,000 Members in a Month: The Rise of SafeBTC


In 2017 the world was taken by storm. A new phenomenon spread like wildfire across the globe. Tv networks, celebrities, politics, Prime Ministers and even our grandmas got to know this digital currency called Bitcoin. Now, 3 years later, new regulations in place, huge companies like Tesla as ambassadors, the Cryptocurrency world is more vivid than ever.

New generations are getting their first share of wealth and the shift is as powerful as ever. DeFi has allowed new investors to put their feet in the financial world with no barrier, friction or need for allowance

Anybody with a smartphone and an internet connection, from any corner of our planet, can pick (always DYOR) a blockchain project and bet on its success. Like anything in life or business, nothing is guaranteed.

In the realm of newly minted coins that every day flood the market, a project has been yielding incredible exposure and metrics. SafeBTC was launched on the Binance Smart Chain just in late March 2021 as a safer, faster, cheaper Store-Of-Value compared to the 20+ old Bitcoin. The claim is really bold and might offend the hardcore bitcoiners.

In just a month, SafeBTC has amassed 150,000+ token holders. Its Telegram community  has almost 50,000 members and its growing by the thousands everyday.

We don’t know yet if SafeBTC will provide financial freedom to the masses as this is a very risky industry with sudden obstacles around the corner. What it’s certain is that the community ownership makes SafeBTC safe and crowd-managed, its yield-generating code benefits the existing token holders with an autonated passive-income-generation and its always-shrinking supply guarantees that the future demand/supply ratio will keep rising.

To keep up with SafeBTC news, head over to their Twitter at @safeBTCofficial and Instagram at @safeBTCtoken

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