A One-On-One With The Marketing Mastermind Himself: Stepan Talabira

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Many years ago, I placed a bet with a friend that I could make a mobile app that would get 1million installs in one month. Yeah, I lost… but the funny thing is that this same app got over 10million installs later, and this big win has become a major part of my portfolio” – Stepan Talabira

Stepan Talabira is a creative genius and has been on the entrepreneurial scene for quite some time. Stepan was Born on the 1st of January 1987. He attended Uzhgorod National University where he became a specialist in applied mathematics and cybernetics in 2008. He also became a specialist in business economics as at 2010 in the same university. Stepan has been an innovative mastermind for a very long time. Following his university tenure, he founded and developed a website development company that built website for customers. But even way before that, Stepan was already interested in programming right from high school. He was so into programming that he even did it using his phone on the bus while getting to the university. I know that might be hard to believe, seeing as this was the early 2000’s. But here’s how Stepan did it: he wrote the algorithms in notes in notepads, sms, and then rewrote them on the computer. And this was even before the creation of smartphones which allowed you to do it directly on them. Stepan later on created a forum about the first ever smartphones.

Right from the very beginning, Stepan’s experiments often turned into working businesses. For example, when he decided to optimize the time employees spent in creating ads for clients, and this eventually turned into an automatic system for promotion that anyone without special knowledge can use. Now programmers in their company are working on artificial intelligence that can do advanced analysis of advertising and marketing strategies to improve results. Now if this is not impressive, what is? And that’s not all! You see, Stepan is always pushing himself and is never afraid to test the limits. An example can be seen from when he created an internet forum about the first generation smartphones. Yes, it’s evident that even back then he was already looking to the future.

Stepan Talabira says his role model is Steve Jobs and strives to create great things just like him. Well, it’s no surprise, seeing as Stepan is also a creative genius himself. Stepan says his ability to effectively manage his finances and business process has been a major factor that’s gotten him to where he’s at today. Stepan Talabira is all about the success of his clients. It’s all about over delivering with Stepan. And what distinguishes his company from the rest out there is that they are constantly investing in research and developing new technologies and concepts before they even become mainstream. Some technologies Stepan’s company are currently monitoring and investing in include: Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine voice technology, digital assistants, voice recognition cyber security, more specifically: AI in cyber security Digital medicine Virtual reality, and so many others

Stepan Talabira’s name and reputation already speak for themselves. He’s a well-known figure in the marketing industry and is often cited as a very reliable source for quick and astute advice. Stepan is a lover of technology and an incredible innovator. You can have access to more info about him here:

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