All About Balance: Jeff Lopes On His Coaching Program and New Book

Jeff Lopes

At a young age, Jeff Lopes relied on hustle and work ethic as he entered the daunting world of entrepreneurship. With a little experience, he took on direct and indirect mentoring, which helped him develop many companies that started with no revenue and eventually made their way to seven and eight-figure corporations. In short, Jeff Lopes has the success that most entrepreneurs want, but his goals have never been just about the money.

For Jeff Lopes, it was about finding balance. Everything in his life changed after a life changing moment his family surpassed, that is when his focus shifted to family and balance. More than anything, it is apparent through his decisions that Jeff puts his family first and has found a way to create stability in his life. He still works hard, whether on his podcast or writing books, but he always finds time for his family and winds down after a busy day.

Man’s Purpose, is an Entrepreneur Dad Coaching Platform, was created for people like himself in mind. Jeff Lopes didn’t start as a father at seventeen, but he saw what his career allowed him to do for his future family. Thus, he decided to help create resources for people who also wanted the time and money that he had to enjoy with family. The program is either a monthly or yearly subscription, but the content and lessons help even the most experienced entrepreneur.

Jeff wanted to allow men to create a brotherhood. Entrepreneurship can be lonely, but Jeff wanted to create a community. All men who are part of this brotherhood, complete weekly assignments, tune into live chat calls, check-in with one another on the Facebook group, and participate in reflection to see how they progress. Above all, Jeff Lopes makes it about the brotherhood and supporting entrepreneur fathers in how he wanted to be supported.

Hand in hand with his mentorship program is his book, Entrepreneur Dad. Published in January of 2021, Lopes wanted to provide men with a resource that compiled some of the most important tips he had learned over the years. Since starting, he has experienced failure and success, but Jeff believes that he should share his knowledge with those along similar paths. Entrepreneur fathers can pick up Lopes’ book for $12.99, filled with tips and advice that Lopes says helped him to find balance in his life.

In everything that Jeff Lopes has done, he has achieved stability. He is still busy with business, but now he has several passion projects. Every week, Jeff hosts the Jeff Knows Inc. Podcast and brings on other successful entrepreneurs to tell their live journeys. He also engages with his mentorship group regularly and continues to sow into others early on in their entrepreneurial journey. When Lopes isn’t working on his business projects, his two kids and his wife are at the forefront of his attention. Balance is the name of the game for Jeff, and he wants to help others find the same in their lives, no matter what part of the journey they may be on.

Jeff Lopes is committed to his family, but he is also equally committed to mentoring other men on their journey to a balanced life. His book and podcast are available on his website for further enjoyment. To connect with Jeff Lopes, you can check out his Instagram and Facebook.

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