Andrey Germash is a top leading manager in the fishing industry: From a children’s hobby to a big Business

Andrey Germash

“Bering Seafood” is one of the largest suppliers of natural products from the Bering Sea to the United States: red caviar and Pacific salmon. “Bering Seafood” is proud to introduce sea delicacies to Americans under the “Vostochny Bereg” brand.

“Vostochny Bereg” has been in existence for over 20 years. He owns fishing grounds along the Kamchatka coast and on the rivers of the Kamchatka Peninsula. This is a unique conservation area of ​​intensive industrial fishing, where the company’s vessels operate. A high-tech plant is located right on the East coast of the Kamchatka Territory – a modern seasonal complex. Its founder and head, Andrey Germash, is a top leading manager of the fishing industry in the Far East. Germash calls the strategic resource of his company the people and the sea of ​​people, whose professionalism ensures a high level of all stages of fishing and fish processing.

Andrey Germash

Andrey Germash

Andrey Germash became one of the participants in the largest exhibition of sea delicacies in Boston, where he presented “Vostochny Bereg” red caviar at the booth of “Bering Seafood.” We were able to ask him a few questions.


The fishing industry in the Far East is a vital area of ​​the economy. Many companies in the region work in this industry. What is the secret to the success of “Vostochny Bereg” products, which are highly valued in Europe, Asia, and now in America.


The secret is simple – do what you love. In my life, I always do only what I like. And in the team, I take people who enjoy their work. My childhood hobby has grown into my life’s work. My grandfather got me into fishing. He taught me not only to fish but also to understand its types and features perfectly. After the army, I worked as a minder on a fishing boat, and then I realized that fishing is what I would like to develop. The colossal personal experience and special education I received made me ready to open my production. At the very beginning, it became clear that our advantage and, at the same time, our main competitor would be quality and time. This is what I started to work hard on. Thanks to the right business strategy, our products have taken a leading position in the seafood industry.


“Vostochny Bereg” is, first of all, a product of a plant; what is more important for you?

The “Vostochny Bereg” is a single “living” organism. Without the unique “Vostochny Bereg” enterprise, there would be no valuable product like our red caviar and salmon. We have the whole process streamlined and technologically advanced; each person is in their place. And our natural raw materials allow us to produce high-quality natural products – wild Pacific salmon are grown in the natural conditions of the Bering Sea.

Vostochny Bereg

Vostochny Bereg

Share your professional plans.

Now we have started working with the American company “Bering Seafood.” I am confident that our cooperation will be fruitful. I have always dreamed of trying myself in the top management of a Western company, acquiring new knowledge, and sharing my own. I will set up the business processes at “Bering Seafood” that are necessary for launching a start-up in a strategically correct way. We will be engaged in distributing sea delicacies, which we will produce here from the unique red caviar and “Vostochny Bereg” Pacific salmon. Today we are taking a set of measures to ensure that our products meet all the kosher signs. Then delicious, fresh and healthy “Bering Seafood” products will be available to 8 million Jews living in the United States and adhering to the rules of kashrut.

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