Baselball’s Next Superstar: Landon Bonneville  

In this article we will be looking at a young man who is only 17, however, he has already shown great promise as a baseball player, as well as a keen interest in music. Meet Landon Bonneville, your next top prospect!

Breaking through a lot of prejudices that young athletes often face, Landon Bonneville is a very talented and motivated individual. He is on the verge of making it as a professional baseball player and has already attracted the attention of hundreds of big-name brands through sponsorship deals. One of the big names to take an interest is Body Armour, but there are numerous others too.

Landon has already managed to achieve 3x Team-USA appearances and is currently showing the pitch what he is made of to excellent effect as a catcher and right-handed pitcher for the Western Branch Thunder team. He has also attracted the keen attention of his many followers on social media, where all of his channels collectively give him over a million fans. Landon Bonneville has modelled his game after his MLB role model Trevor Bauer. He holds no doubt that, like his inspiration, he will indeed be playing a World Series game. This athlete is well motivated and willing to put the hard work in to achieve his goals.

But his life does not revolve fully around his athletic abilities, and he still finds time to pursue other interests besides sports. He has a real passion for music which has led to him studying sound engineering. Bonneville even made a shadow appearance learning from Bastille’s sound engineer during their live shows. The idea of working behind the studio switches within the music industry is something he sees himself doing one day. Another avenue of talent saw Landon customising shoes for Mets ex-third baseman David Wright.

You might see Landon Bonneville as not your everyday pro-baseball prospect. He’s much more an already guaranteed success story, regardless where he ends up in his career. A quote that would go a long way to summing up Landon Bonneville and his potential is this famous quote from Gary Vee which says “You only miss the chances you don’t take.”

This 17-year-old seems like the type of teenager who doesn’t want to miss any opportunities, which bodes well in both his baseball and sound careers of the future.   


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