Building a Dream eCommerce Brand In Real Life With Goh Rong Yao

goh rong yao

Goh Rong Yao has created, nourished, and scaled a considerable number of 6 to 7 figure online businesses across an incredibly wide variety of industries. Earning over 1 million dollars total in sales using funnels within his businesses, Rong Yao specializes in marketing and scaling eCommerce businesses with a variety of different – yet effective – methods.

Scaling Your eCommerce Business – A New Star Emerges

Fueled by an admirable desire to help others, Goh Rong Yao has built up his enticing eCommerce empire within the same year it was founded. With great enthusiasm, and a great working ethic, Rong Yao was able to bring it from 0 to 100 in a very admirable amount of time – and his efforts have also helped a respectable number of businesses so far, bringing them from the ground up to 6 to even 7 figures in a matter of mere months!

Founded in 2020, the company was just like any other when it was first born from the innovative thinker we have gladly managed to speak with for this article. His brainchild has been able to bring Rong Yao a total of 6 figures in a matter of months, and it’s maintaining a notably healthy growth in both income AND popularity, as well as quality! He not only does his job and leaves you with a hell of a lot more money than you thought was possible, but he’s also got sufficient foresight and enough of a kind heart to share tactics and strategies to continue growing your business, even if he were to be absent for one reason or another – and this only comes for his passion for the business itself!

Client Communication in eCommerce – Of Machines And Digital Sales

As an ex-engineer at ABB, Rong Yao has both the smarts and the skills for building any business up in the digital world, and both his achievements as well as his exciting yet realistic long term goals put his potential on a well-deserved marble pedestal when compared with his competitors. Good communication is one of the mothers of achievement, and with an undoubtedly impeccable “customer support with an added personal touch”, communication is not only guaranteed but it is very much organicly elegant, easy to attain, as well as easy to add tidbits here and there while the project is still ongoing (with little to no hassle involved)!

Machines may be praised, but the most important part of customer interaction is human interaction.

Rong Yao’s area of expertise in eCommerce lies in his incredible marketing techniques, as well as his astounding knowledge of the respective target audience, paid traffic, and influencer outreach.

eCommerce Brand Building – Reap What You Sow

In general, Goh Rong Yao is a fairly energetic, optimistic and well-meaning person – which is very much reflected in his aims and doings. When asked about his future goals, Rong Yao has said that his current long-term focus and bullseye would be building long-term, sustainable brands with the skills he has acquired from his very own entrepreneurial ventures. He has also given us a respectable fun fact when he told us that he’d also be interested in “building mobile applications” sometime in the future.

With his unbeatable marketing skills, and overall what’ll-do-best intuition, Rong Yao is well capable of pushing any company’s product out into the market and up into the very top results in the most notable of places when it comes to eCommerce brand building. When asked where he’d like to see himself in 10 years, Rong Yao has said that he wishes to continue endeavouring in the upscaling of multiple businesses in the digital world, as well as seeing the entrepreneurs he’s coached and helped succeed out and about with beautifully stable businesses – which is part of his main goals of helping entrepreneurs (both newbies and professionals) grow in this cold, digital world his eCommerce aid aims to improve.

As Rong Yao has suggested, trusting your gut is one of the best methods with which you can swim up and above the surface in such hostile digital environments. Trusting your instincts is the best thing you can do, and it’ll all most likely bring you where you need to be.

Scaling eCommerce Businesses – All Good Things…

And unlike the title’s continuation of “…must come to an end.”, Goh Rong Yao is continuing to help out emerging entrepreneurs every single day, and he’s doing a shockingly splendid job so far. With his hopes and dreams coming ever closer, and the conclusion and push of his aims growing ever nearer, Rong Yao will continue to promote those that need it, and encourage others to not give up on their dreams and keep reaching out for that light they wish to see. He’ll teach, coach, and support to the best of his abilities – which are pretty damn extensive as it is. With a social media presence which can be found at @gohrongyao on Instagram, as well as at on Facebook. He’s well worth a follow – or a look, at the very least.

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