Charlie McCoy ” High Priest ” of Men’s Grooming on launching the next CPG Conglomerate- Artisan Luxury Brands

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Charlie McCoy is a Master Barber whose entrepreneurial mindset has results in him establishing two successful businesses in New York City. Both of his businesses are barbershops and salons, and have become the go-to place for a haircut for a growing clientele.

The creation of Artisan Luxury Brands and the new brands that came with it this year is my way of taking what I already had and creating more with it. I’ve had more responsibility this year than I’ve had in the past but I’ve seen more opportunity with it as well. I’ve been placed in positions that benefit me and my company, from networking opportunities to photo shoots and more. I see that this is the universe’s way of rewarding me and letting me know it’s pleased with how I navigated the pandemic. My parent company came to fruition in one of the worst times in modern human history and I am seeing the fruits of my labor.

Over the past four years, Charlie has opened up two brick-and-mortar businesses in Manhattan and begun a venture into ecommerce with his latest brand, Duke & Hyde, which he acquired from Europe. Besides running a barbershop called Artisan Barber and a salon named Orchard & Ludlow, Charlie has been hard at work on his new business venture, The Grooming Alchemist, subscription based digital goods platform. This business serves as a space to provide lifestyle advice to former Jehovah’s Witnesses, his specific target audience as well as aspiring entrepreneurs.

What Charlie was able to do is establish a community around his businesses. He did this with the help of local artists living in the area where his barbershops were located. Today, his salon Orchard & Ludlow doubles as an art gallery that showcases some extraordinary art, and create culture in the heart of lower east side of Manhattan.

” Imagine Supreme and Proctor and Gamble has a love child, it would like Artisan Luxury Brands.
Artisan Luxury Brands’ verticals consist of fifteen lines of revenue as well as five separate businesses that operate in New York City, Miami and Chicago with global sales. The CPG company gets its tagline “the dopest creative agency in NYC” from its CEO’s confidence in his team and himself to make the impossible possible.

You can head over to Artisan Luxury Brands to learn more about Charlie and his thriving businesses.

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