Drayson Little – A New Generation Of Retail

Online retailing and drop shipping have produced a lot of success stories. The one of 21-year-old Drayson Little is extraordinary and worth telling.

Through selling anything from kitchen gadgets to kids toys, Drayson Little, 21, has made millions of dollars in profit. One of his biggest sellers are products that help solve a problem. This makes sense, who doesn’t want to solve a problem?! And one problem that many would like to solve is how to make good money through a viable business option! Have a look at Drayson Little and his drop shipping success story.

Ever since he was a kid of 12, Drayson wanted to be either a CEO or an inventor. His eventual path is closer to the former, now being the proud owner of several successful e-commerce websites that have made him more than $2 million in profits. As of today, Drayson has been dropshipping for over two years. Working with two of his partners, he was able to accumulate $1.75 million in sales from the period of October to December 2019. As this sounds like the kind of partnerships that many businesses are striving for, what does Drayson Little attribute to his success?

Good customer service, for one thing. Well, that may be a bit of a no brainer, but, of course, it should still never be overlooked. He also stresses how his creative ad strategy plays a big part in having the large sales he enjoys. He is very experienced in promotions and expanding his marketing agency to the point where it sees six-figure profits every year is one of his next goals.

Of course, the products themselves are a big part of what makes a shop a success, but so is how you sell the products. Drayson notes that he believes he has a better understanding than some of his rivals around impulse buying, especifically what encourages a customer to buy on impulse. A good deal of his sales are through impulse buyers, so this is an understanding that is paying off. Either way, understanding your products and your customers is always going to be a good thing. Drayson also highlights the importance of having well-designed websites, which is another point that may be a no brainer, but should never be overlooked.

Drayson Little highlights how dropshipping can be a great business move, whilst showing us the importance of hard work and determination, which, for him, resulted in realising his 12-year-old self’s dream!


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