Entrepreneurial Sisters Turn Magni Skin Vision into Reality


Launched by sisters Pinar and Songul in 2019, Magni Skin continues to go from strength to strength. We hear all about the business providing superb services and sought-after treatments to its clients.

Pursuing perfect skin

Two entrepreneurial sisters are on a mission to empower women and make them feel comfortable in their own skin.

Pinar and Songul launched Magni Skin in the summer of 2019 as they vowed to pursue their dreams.

They are passionate in what they do and are working to build a global brand. 

Not many figures in the business world have this unshakeable vision to serve clients around the world. 

But this is among the impressive attributes in the armoury of the sisters leading the business, which has become the ultimate destination for those pursuing perfect skin.

But what is unique about Magni Skin?

The Magni Skin team work their facial and body enhancement magic to help tackle the needs of clients in the most desirable form, while traveling across the globe to offer a new era of facial and body technology and hand-on skills.

Inimitable results

Magni Skin’s clinic delivers the most effective, much sought-after treatments in a calm, tranquil setting and inimitable results have earned the company a long list of loyal clients, from bloggers, to reality TV stars and facial obsessives everywhere.

The dreams of Pinar and Songul were always based on becoming international entrepreneurs.

They have always kept up with the latest trends and their main goal is to help empower women and make them feel comfortable in their own skin.

In order to do this, they built their own salon which includes all the latest technology in the industry to offer the best service for their clients.

When it comes to speaking about the best part of the job for the sisters, there is undoubtedly only one answer – making women feel more confident within themselves.

Most businesses put profit over customers, but that is not the case with Magni Skin.

Overcoming challenges

However, of course, although the sisters thoroughly enjoy working on their passion day in, day out, there are many challenging aspects of the job.

Although they love being business owners and what they do, a challenge that comes alongside this is that they work for themselves. 

The pair work 24/7 thinking of new ideas and helping to support their brand, as they make their dreams into a reality. 

As well as doing their treatments, they have administrative work and many other responsibilities that come with the job, such as social media management, controlling the website, processing orders and making bookings.

Furthermore, alongside this, they have their academy in which they provide courses to aid women in starting their journeys as a beautician.

But the work ethic and dedication ensure the sisters can overcome any challenges that come in their way on their journey, as they go from strength to strength and set their sights on achieving new goals.

It has been an inspirational journey so far, but the story is far from finished, with much more success sure to be on the way for Magni Skin.


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