Fast Rising Entrepreneur Nolan Johnson Talks About His Thriving Amazon And Walmart Business

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In 2019, Nolan Daniel Johnson was awarded on stage for hitting one of the highest ranks in a direct sales company using digital marketing to generate leads and sales. For someone who skipped college, and is a self-taught sales and marketing expert, how then has he managed to climb so high up the ladder of success and become a highly sought after Amazon and Walmart tycoon? Well, here’s how.

Work Smarter Not Harder

This is Nolan Johnson’s favorite quote of all time, and it is very evident in the way he does his business. Nolan Johnson is a very determined young man, with a very passionate drive for business. He hails from Calumet, Michigan and founded his first company in the year 2018. Nolan, who is just 28 has had to go through a series of challenging situations to attain the level of success he has today. Nolan said his biggest lesson learned in business happened way back in 2019. He noticed he was way too hands on with everything in his company, but as soon as he started to trust people more and outsource the time consuming tasks, he was able to scale his company tremendously.

Exceptional Customer Service

Nolan Johnson is all about prioritizing the needs of the people. Nolan and his company’s sole purpose is putting people before profits. Making sure that the needs of their clients are taken care of to fullest. What then makes Nolan’s company stand out amidst the ever growing competition? One unique feature of Nolan and his staff is their consistency in being able to get the stores approved and running on time for their clients, whilst also maintaining healthy profit margins and high level customer service.

Healthy Life Practices

Nolan always says that the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki helped shape his mentality greatly. Nolan understands the impact of good books in a person’s life, and never takes great content for granted. Quitting his job as a mortgage banker and starting his own company was no walk in the park, but thanks to his ever-supportive parents, Nolan was able to create a solid foundation for his first company, and has scaled multiple businesses since then. I know you’re already wondering what keeps Nolan motivated each day, despite numerous trails and challenges. Well, here’s what he has to say “what keeps me going everyday is knowing that if I let my foot off the gas and things fall apart, I’d have to start all over” Well, we all can definitely learn a thing or two from Nolan. If a successful life is what you’re after, do not take your foot off the gas! keep working relentlessly, and everything will fall in place eventually.

When he is not busy scaling multiple businesses, what is Nolan Johnson up to? Nolan sure loves to enjoy himself when he’s off work. It’s either he’s trying out signature dishes at different top notch restaurants, golfing with friends, or driving exotic cars. His daily routine consists of getting some breakfast, walking his dog, and going through his mails. Nolan is extremely organized and has a checklist for everything he has to achieve before the day’s end. This way, he makes sure everything is taken care of, and he’s done for the day.

Right now, Nolan’s company’s main product is Amazon and Walmart automated stores, and they have proven to be the best by far.

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