Getting to Know Louis Albanese, CEO of “Amazon Freedom”

Louis Albanese

If you haven’t already heard of Louis Albanese, you’re going to want to keep an eye out for him.  Albanese is the CEO of “Amazon Freedom”, a company dedicated to building Amazon stores for clients in hopes to help them make greater profits to enjoy more financial freedom.  “Amazon Freedom” is paired with “Invest in Your Freedom” which is a network dedicated to knowledge and skill building and is more community based.  Albanese joined recently as of 2020 but has made major strides since.  One of the merits the company prides itself upon is upscaling clients’ profit margins from 10k to a million.  For a man behind so much success, one has to wonder: who is this guy?

A couple years ago you would have found Albanese in a completely different sector – perhaps in the library studying for pre-med exams.  That’s right – Albanese was studying in pursuit of becoming a doctor to help people.  However, Albanese quickly realized his heart rested elsewhere.  It was being an entrepreneur that he felt was his true calling.  That’s where “Amazon Freedom” and “Invest in Your Freedom” came into the picture.

Today, in 2021, you’ll find Albanese waking up before the sun itself.  By 5 AM, Albanese is up and ready to take on the day.  If you ask him what’s his happiest day, he will tell you everyday, “I consider everyday the happiest day of my life – sure some moments are more special than others, but I like to remain grounded and be thankful my family and I are happy and healthy.”  With that mindset, automatically at the start of the day, Albanese has his gears set for his “happiest day” ahead.  He checks out the news to get a feel for what’s going on around him, checks the stock market, and checks in on the ecommerce accounts he’s managing for clients.  After about two hours of easing into the day and updating himself with all the stats, he goes for a workout for an extra boost before settling into his office for the work day ahead of managing clients and their needs.  Everyday is a busy day but Albanese enjoys every minute of it and craves to keep growing.  Upon asking him where he hopes to be a decade from now, careerwise, he hopes to scale up to managing thousands of traders and ecommerce stores.

However, not only does Albanese envision himself through a career lens, he is also a family oriented man.  Along with his hopes for big moves in his career and growth in clientele, he also hopes to have additions closer to home.  Ten years from now, he hopes to have established a family of his own and to keep giving back to the ones that raised him.

Speaking of those that raised him, one of Albanese’s major role models traces back to his very own father.  According to Albanese, his father had a difficult upbringing but instead of using that as a hindrance from propelling himself forward, he instead persevered to surpass all odds to be both the best version for himself and to take care of his family.  Those are sentiments that are meaningful for Albanese and he looks up to his father with great respect and admiration.

Being a CEO of a major company is a big deal and has a lot of responsibilities but Albanese manages them with pride and passion.  Although he’s not helping people in the way he first envisioned through the medical field, he is still helping people financially.  Albanese has built himself to be a well-rounded individual in all walks of his life.  To keep up with Louis Albanese and where 2021 takes him, follow his social media handles: Instagram and Facebook.



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