GITI Online Makes Looking High-End Easy and Simple

giti online

For those looking to dress with the look of high-end but without the not so pretty and high price tag, one particular fashion brand is making major moves in the industry: GITI Online Inc.

The website which first started as a store in a shopping mall in Gainesville, FL in 2003 by Christopher Chong, has now become an increasingly mainstream online shopping platform featuring a variety of clothing pieces ranging from leg-wear, swimwear, tops, dresses, and more. The site even features fashionable masks which is perfect for the strange times we are in with the global pandemic still at play. Not only are the pieces aesthetically pleasing and trendy, they are also affordable which is a characteristic that many young women can certainly and undoubtedly appreciate.

Christopher Chong first started GITI with the idea in mind of selling fashionable pieces for young women especially those around college-age. With the specific age range he was primarily targeting, he knew that affordability was an important component that he wanted for his clothing business. He wanted young women to have the opportunity to dress in a way that made them feel good but without breaking the bank simultaneously. A glance through GITI Online Inc.’s website and it is evident that affordability is definitely a relevant term in any customer’s shopping experience on the platform.

GITI Online Inc.’s website makes it easy to narrow down items when shopping on a budget. The website specifically features a sale category where one is not only able to pinpoint what is on sale but one is also able to specifically narrow down what type of sale. The sale menu includes options ranging between 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, and 50% off. These specific categorization layouts make the website extremely user friendly especially for shoppers on a tight budget and not to mention a limited time schedule as well since on other platforms where sale options aren’t as obviously narrowed down, it can take time to pinpoint the more affordable end of the selection options. With that said, the site’s easy and simple navigability make it an easy cut task to look good on a budget and to do it timelessly as well.

One of GITI Online Inc.’s founder’s aspirations for GITI is for it “to become a one stop ecommerce shop that customers can purchase a full outfit from head to toe,” as he puts it in his own words. Based on the website’s currently wide array of selections consisting of shoes, pants, swimsuits, tops, dresses, and more – GITI is definitely on the verge if not already at the point of accomplishing Chong’s goal. Not only is one able to compile a stylish outfit from head to toe using the site’s array of selections but one is also able to easily do it under a hundred dollars especially by using the site’s sale navigation features.

Perhaps a feature that is particularly exciting for buyers but is still up and coming as the options are fairly limited is the “mystery box” feature on the website which can be said to be a real bargain hitter. Not only does it give buyers the option for an element of spontaneity and surprise, it includes up to 5 clothing pieces for a meager price of fifty dollars! Essentially, at that rate, when doing the math, that pretty much amounts to ten dollars per piece which is highly affordable. With the mystery box feature amongst other favorable features on the site, it leaves customer’s to wonder what is there not to love about GITI Online Inc.? To keep up with GITI Online Inc. and what’s more to come, follow the social media handles: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and GITI’s very own website.

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