How To Build A Positive Online Presence For Your Business Regardless Of Industry

Building an online presence as a business is so important in today’s digital age. There are plenty of companies that operate completely online with staff never meeting one another physically. Building this presence requires a consistent effort rather than a one-time investment of time and money. Working with a digital marketing agency can be a huge advantage as they might have established connections already. Many agencies have worked with similar businesses so ask for a case study or data of how they performed for a business in the same niche. A reluctance or refusal to provide results garnered for other clients can be a red flag that no real results are being generated. 

Listings In Local Online Directories

Local online business directories can be so important when it comes to being found. Listing a business on one of these directories that actually vets the business can be quite valuable. The backlink gained can be valuable and listing on certain websites can ensure that a business is of the highest quality. Take the time to figure out which directories to target and start signing up. You might have to do outreach to be included on various lists that are already published. Take the time to look at competitors to see which links they have from competitors. You’d be surprised as to how valuable following the online presence of a competitor can truly be. 

Responding To Reviews On Various Platforms

Reviews can play a huge role in whether a potential customer spends their money with a business. The responses to reviews need to be done in a sensitive manner as trying to salvage the relationship with the customer is the primary goal. Showing other customers the quality of care that is showcased by the responses. Do not have a member of the staff with a bad temper manage these as this can turn into pointing fingers at the customer which is an overall recipe for disaster. 

Content On The Website Should Be Of The Highest Quality

Building an online presence can be done by creating content that turns a business into a thought leader. The content might have to be a bit repetitive in some industries but trying to put a spin on a topic already covered can be done. The content should also come in various forms as some love listening to podcasts but hate sitting down to read an article. Podcasts can also be transcribed into in-depth pieces of content that need little to no editing. Transcribing podcasts makes it easily searchable and allows them to be quoted which could result in a backlink for the company website.  

Tracking the way that content performs is so important when maximizing the content marketing strategy. You could find that a large portion of the customer demographic prefers to consume their content in a certain form. 

Building an online presence is going to have a direct impact on how much revenue the company generates. Take the time to track what is working in terms of results and set goals to work towards. 

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