Jem Bourouh on Success – Be the Hardest Working in the Room

Jem Bourouh

Of the many things Jem Bourouh wishes he could tell his ten-year-old self, including learning how to say no and being kind to others, there are two that stand out and have significantly impacted how he runs his businesses. They are to always be the hardest working one in the room and find something you’re passionate about and practice daily. Undoubtedly, Bourouh follows this advice to himself. He has created one of the leading dropshipping eCommerce companies globally and received multiple awards, including by Zipify multiple times for $1M+ in upsells. From scaling clients from $0 to $1,000,000 in revenue in just a month to sending products viral on TikTok, his belief in hard work and dedication has paid off. Big time.


Hard Work Pays Off

Adcubator and its team have produced impressive results for their clients by harnessing their deep understanding of consumer psychology. They are responsible for making the TikTok leggings go viral and selling more than 120,000 units, scaling a beauty company to $780,000 in attributed revenue during BFCM, and taking several other clients from $0 to over a million in revenue in 30 days. These are results that come from being an expert in the eCommerce industry. At 23 years old, Bourouh is a full-stack marketer with advanced knowledge of taking smaller direct-to-consumer businesses from unknowns to massive successes. It all happens because, to him, failing isn’t an option. He knows if he and his company continue to try hard enough, they will succeed at any project for a client. 

Spending, Not Just Earning

Bourouh is a believer in not just investing in himself, but investing in his clients. His agency spends around $12,000,000 a month for their clients, making them one of the biggest spenders in the world. The investment comes back multiplied. Awarded Clickfunnels 2-Comma-Award within two months is proof that their investment into the smaller direct-to-consumer businesses they represent is working. Adcubator is one of the most reputable media buyers for Google Ads in the world. Companies trust they know what they are doing and will produce results. This is precisely where the founder wants to be. Motivating others with progress, inspiring other aspiring entrepreneurs, and showing them that working harder and smarter and showing up every day will get you rewarded soon.

What’s Next 

With his eyes on the future, Jem wants to achieve more in business and life. Professionally, he is driving to become a unicorn valuation for one of his eCommerce brands and make an exit for $100M+. He would like to build schools in third-world countries, reform the education system, and open a non-profit organization on the humanitarian front. He is planning to follow through on the advice of being kind to people that he would tell his ten-year-old self if given the chance. Bourouh will surely be inspiring people around the world, not just aspiring entrepreneurs.

How to Follow Jem 

Find him on social media if you are interested in following Jem and the excellent results his team at Adcubator and eCom Incubator are achieving for clients. You will most likely fall down the rabbit hole watching all his videos and viewing his posts. His inspirational posts and videos can be found at:


Bourouh and his companies are taking their experience in marketing and consumer psychology and investing in smaller brands. They are optimizing their CAC and LTC, scaling them, and then flipping them. It is a fascinating and inspiring process to follow. They are proving that being the hardest person in the room always produces results.


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