Jowy Cenat Lends a Helping Hand to Aspiring Musicians

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One of 2020’s breakout stars, Jowy Cenat has been taking advantage of the great importance of digital media during the pandemic and has been offering useful advice to other musicians trying to make it big in the industry. We caught up with him recently and he told us about the work he has been doing throughout the past year.

Living in Queens, New York City, Jowy Cenat is a piano player and recent college graduate who has been making waves recently on social media thanks to his entrepreneurial spirit and musical talent. He began this new adventure during the coronavirus pandemic lockdown, when he decided to take advantage of the worldwide shift to totally online means of work, entertainment and communication and motivated himself to learn everything there is to know about being a musician.

He would then use all this newfound knowledge to start his own YouTube channel which he has been using to dispense his teachings to a wide audience including musicians, but also college students. He makes videos discussing the books that he read in the past year which affected him the most, or about how he lives his life in a minimalist fashion. But he still has a hand in the more traditional forms of media as well; he compiled his wisdom into his new book titled “Video Influencer Authority … Guide to Growing your Social Online Presence and Making Money, Becoming a YouTube Creator”. This would be a great buy for younger entrepreneurial minded individuals who can’t really identify with the old-fashioned entrepreneurial style of businessman like Donald Trump or Bill Gates.

This is not just another young social media star trying to make a name for themselves off the back of their previously built platform either; Cenat is a university graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Health Science and a dual minor in Holistic and Public Health. Clearly, he is a well-read individual who knows a thing or two about the world, and not some wet wet-behind-the-ear teenager trying to tell you how to live your life. In fact, he considers his degree as one of the greatest achievements of his life, it introduced him to the world of travel which he has had a love of ever since. He’s not satisfied with this academic success either, he is still aiming to go to graduate school in the near future and study Occupational Therapy, no one can say that Cenat is not a remarkable and ambitious young man.

In spite of his newfound success, he still focuses on the needs of others too; many people would have settled for what he has already achieved in life, but he has decided to use his experience to help others who are still trying to get their foot in the door of their chosen industry. Although, his work has a slight focus on the more musical and artistic industries, they are applicable to anyone struggling to succeed, especially the younger generations who can follow in his footsteps and utilise social media in order to become a success. One

Cenat has had to work incredibly hard to get to where he is now, and so his book and YouTube videos will be invaluable to teenagers and young adults who are starting to find their place in the world. This can be quite daunting to many, and subsequently many fail to achieve all of their dreams. It is a big, bad world out there, but with people like Jowy Cenat it’s a little bit less bad and a bit less daunting.

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