Know Your Influencer – Content Creator Steven Franz

Steven Franz is a 24 years old influencer on social media. He is an original content creator who primarily focuses on public street interviews. However, he also has prank videos and social experiments. If you explore his channel, you will find some content related to his life and traveling endeavors. 

He has a team of three videographers and a photographer. There are one editor and an assistant. For his merch shipping, he has another person taking care of those aspects. 

Steven has almost 150K followers on Instagram, over 60K on Tiktok, and nearly 100K on Youtube. Additionally, he has around 10K on Twitter and four times that on his personal Facebook account. If you consider the fact that he started just three years ago, it is a commendable achievement. He is focused on traveling around the world and living his life to the fullest while bringing his audience some of the most enthralling content. 

Professional And Educational Background

He completed his high school in 8th by clearing out SATs and THEA. Then he achieved his associate’s degree in Paralegal studies by 16. By 2015, he was the youngest Political Science Major to graduate from St. Edwards University of Austin, Texas. During his degree course, he also worked with the 84th legislative session of the Texas State Government. Post-graduation, he joined Congress in Washington, D.C. From there, he received an opportunity to work with the Federal Government.

The Social Journey 

While working for the Federal Government, Steven started traveling and posting on social media. That’s when he realized he could positively impact people’s lives and inspire them. His primary source of inspiration for the bold move was many small-time YouTubers. These people worked consistently without giving up and accumulate an extensive array of followers. Steven believed he could achieve these goals, as well. 

Steven loves adventure sports, as he is a licensed scuba diver and skydiver. Steven is also into endurance sports. He is the youngest male in Texas to run a 100-mile ultra marathon. He is the youngest male in California to become a full Ironman.

Currently, Steven is attempting to expand the content and diversify it. He is going to introduce travel and fitness. We may also see him collaborating with other influencers along his journey. He is optimistic that he will hit double the amount by next year. Especially because of the growth he has seen on social media. Once he hits 100K on Youtube, he will get up to 1 million followers in the next few years.

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