Lessons To Learn From Elizabeth Sommers – An Aesthetic Nurse

Do you try to find the one that fits you best? How do you determine what’s best? Either choice can leave you with regrets of not choosing the other one. However, there’s a lesson you can learn from a rising talent among the medical aesthetic injectors.

Meet Elizabeth Sommers, a leading aesthetic injector and a trainer who works at Skin365. The young talent is affiliated with the industry’s top companies as a trainer for the up and coming aesthetic medical experts.

The Good Old Conundrum – One Way Out

As a young girl, the beauty nurse had an artistic side. She loved to stimulate her brain’s creativity and come up with new concepts and ideas. Her admiration for beauty was impeccable. Simultaneously, her curiosity for science and keen interest made her want to explore the medical industry. Furthermore, her love for travel was also something she couldn’t let go of. Where did this bring her? To the crossroads.

The aspiring brilliance was fifteen years old when she decided to become a nurse. Her decision became proof that you can find a way to do something you love and combine your passion into it. It’s all about finding the balance and working to achieve what you want. The aspiring nurse searched for a profession that would blend arts and science. That’s when she came across the aesthetic medication and decided to pursue it.

The Fruit Of Endeavours

With adamant devotion to becoming an aesthetic nurse, the young girl started to build a compelling portfolio. She acknowledged the cutthroat competition awaiting her in the industry. But the resilient personality didn’t let it slow her down. Elizabeth consistently improved and acquired skills in the use of various treatments. These include fillers, micro-needling, LaseMD, CO2 Dot Laser, and Intense Pulse Light Therapy. Many experts would hone one or two, but to top it off, she extended her injector expertise in Botox, Dysport, Restylane, and much more. Recently, the talented injector also received a premium account for Ravance, an exclusive injection available in aesthetic medicine.

Top Status

That’s not it. The aesthetic trainer received several opportunities to work with some of the industry’s most talented people. Her career achievements include client lists full of prestigious names. Now, the master of aesthetic injection aims to build a strong business and provide personalized treatment for patients. Her scholar side is pushing her to offer classes.

Elizabeth Sommers’ story is an extraordinary example for someone who managed to combine multiple, at first glance very different, passions into their profession. If doing something you love for a living is a success guarantor, doing two things you love surely seal the deal.

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