More Than A Master Of Hair – Erik Roberto Changes Lives

It takes courage to walk ways that haven’t been pathed, to be the pioneer of an art-form or industry. Erik Roberto’s vision has paid off.

17 years ago, Erik left his home country for the city of New York. In the heart of the city, he runs a barbershop which is said to be one of the best in the whole city, responsible for hundreds of haircuts of all sorts of styles on a regular basis. His talents have been recognised, he has won first place in several barber competitions including the prestigious CT Barber Expo.

Another achievement that Erik holds to his name is being the first barber in the world to venture into Scalp Micropigmentation, a procedure used to recreate the hair follicle in areas which hair either doesn’t grow very much or doesn’t at all. Some people use this method to treat baldness, others alopecia or scars. As Erik says: “It is a great pleasure to be able to please our clients, meet their needs and at the same time suggest what works best for them. That has been our success in the American public, knowing how to handle all types of scalp.”

Erik co-founded Gerow Hair Ink with Jonathan Gerow. It can be found in Manhattan NY and once again, many famous names have commissioned his acclaimed hair transformations, recognised in countries that inclined Brazil, United Kingdom, Irelan, Poland and the United States for their high- quality standard.

Roberto, who is a native of the city of San Pedro De Macoris in the Dominican Republic, has showcased a lot of hard work and determination, going on to win the Hair Battle Tour in Boston and the Barber Shop Connect in New York. These are two highly sought after awards and are not given out lightly. The hairdressing industry is a competitive one, with no shortage of amazing talent on display, but Erik definitely stands out from the crowd with his skill set and achievements.

If you would like to find out more about Erik Roberto and SMP, and perhaps the possibility of visiting his clinic, you might like to visit his Instagram page where he makes regular updates. The future seems like it should be exciting for the SMP industry and it will be interesting to see what talented individuals such as Erik do next, potentially helping to push this creative and helpful process to the next level.


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