Patrick “Hot Money” Osei: London’s Beat Master

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Patrick Osei, aka Hot Money, has risen through the ranks of the British rap scene in the last two decades with great success: winning awards, working with big names such as Stormzy, and even being involved in a song which broke the Top40 in the UK Charts. Hot Money told us his remarkable story, rich with personal insights and entrepreneurial wisdom, as well as his plans and aspirations for the future.

Humble Beginnings

Hot Money was given a keyboard when he was only seven years old. Through his hard work and determination, as well as the inspiration of his father, Patrick managed to secure a place at the prestigious SAE Institute in London. He was also mentored by the keyboard player Margaret Mason, who was one of the leading players in the country at the time, from this small snapshot of his rise to success it’s clear that Patrick is an exceptional talent. It’s not everyday that a young boy interested in hip hop and rap music gets singled out for tutoring by the nation’s leading keyboard player. After becoming proficiently trained in classical music, Hot Money began to make waves in the British rap and hip hop scene during the early part of the millennium. However, he decided to take a few years out and hone his craft, learning the business inside and out. He found inspiration in the entrepreneurs Gary Vaynerchuk and Elon Musk, and created Hot Money Studios in 2008.

Hot Money Studios

Hot Money started his eponymous music studio, situated in South Bermondsey, with the intention on offering the high quality production associated with the major music labels, but at a price point that would be manageable for indie musicians and artists. This creates an interesting middle ground that Patrick has capitalised on and marketed it as the unique selling point of Hot Money Studios. Through his skills in the field of music production, Hot Money can craft beats with a Midas touch for all his clients regardless of their status in the industry. With this honest passion for music production and a relentless motivation to succeed, he has worked with artists such as Stormzy and Krept and Konan, before they were international superstars, and used his considerable talent to improve their sound and further their career; all from a small studio in the outskirts of London. It’s not hard to see the brilliant entrepreneurial spirit of Hot Money, as well as his musical talent, as he was at the forefront of social media marketing as he used MySpace to enhance and promote the studio’s image to the masses.

A Bright Future

Patrick has very high aspirations for Hot Money Studios, he envisions earnings in seven figures by 2023. It is clear that the business has potential to become a major player in the international rap and hip hop scene, just as it has become the top studio for these genres in Britain, due in no small part to the immense motivation and passion of its founder. But his future goals for the studio are not all purely monetary, he wants to build a music licensing company which sells beats to independent musicians, evidently following in the same vein as his original vision of offering major label quality to indie artists. This highlights his personal integrity and focus to the purpose of his studio and, in essence, the underlying theme of his entire career. In ten years, Hot Money sees himself moving into the digital marketing area of business, which is a mirror of his previous involvement in using social media as an advertising vehicle for his work. Overall, the inspirational figures that fuelled Patrick Osei to succeed in his early career will surely push him into the stratosphere of the music business over the next few years. Hot Money is a firm believer in the maxim “hard work beats talent” and it is abundantly clear that this belief of his forms a major part of his company’s modus operandi, and that it will lead to great success in his future.


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