Pauly Long Announces MineSet App As Next Step Of The Fast Growing Movement

pauly long

The personal development guru is about to launch his business’s very own app at the beginning of next year – reacting to his growing community’s requests.

There’s so many platforms and none are too underestimate. Pauly Long knows, that each of them counts. Whether it’s his website, any social media channels, online video sessions, or real life speaking events – he’s making sure he has it covered. Now, the successor is looking to present his very own platform.

He’s mastered self-marketing and getting his business out there, providing a highly appreciated service for a fast pace growing community.

Long started MineSet at the beginning of the year, after realizing how many people around him were actually constantly appreciative of his advice and blooming after spending time with him.

The feedback that he received inspired him to discover his real purpose and start his business, including the Shift program that approaches all fields in life.

Now the clients will receive yet another option to enjoy the services and communicate with Pauly Long. With their very own smartphone app, he gets one step closer to his community, meets their demands especially for the more tech affine group of clients – young adults.

A target group that he naturally approaches on the daily anyway – Pauly Long is incredibly popular on social media and constantly posts new content on his stories – including free tips and social media advice. Anyone can just get in touch with him and despite the high demand, be sure to receive a personal service.

It will be interesting to see how the new app is received, what it’s going to look like and what the extra benefits are going to be. We’re sure we’re just a few stories away from finding out!

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