Setting The Benchmark For Fitness Influencers On Instagram: Meet Cindy Tran

cindy tran

Explore the things you love to do and what comes easy to you. We are all born with a deep and meaningful purpose that we have to discover, and realizing your purpose will bring that extra spark to your life along some intense feeling of fulfillment. Cindy Tran found purpose in fitness at quiet an early age. In fact, she found it so fulfilling that she quit college just to pursue a career as an Instagram fitness model. And now, Cindy Tran has gained a massive following online and is known all around the world for her Instagram content. Here’s how Cindy turned her fitness hobby into an 800k Instagram following.

Finding Purpose

Working out and fitness specifically started as just a hobby and a way to release my energy and stress and I found that I really enjoyed it”– Cindy Tran. Cindy was born and raised in the United States, and she currently resides in Miami. One of the people who influenced Cindy greatly was her father. Cindy’s father was an extremely driven individual who was always working hard to support his dream and family. Growing up around this kind of energy helped influence Cindy greatly. Along the line, she found working out to be more interesting than it initially was. It wasn’t just keeping fit anymore with Cindy, she now wanted sharing this lifestyle with the world. Cindy’s goal now was to help inspire others around the world to be the best possible versions of themselves, using herself as an example. Not only did Cindy find fulfillment in keeping fit, she’s hoping to help those who are in search of fitness goals find it too. And this was when she signed up on Instagram. She became an Instagram model and started posting content as at 2017. Right now, Cindy has almost 900k followers on her Instagram page (@misscindyy), with thousands of engagements on her every post.

Putting In The Extra Hard

There is an insane level of competition out there when it comes to fitness modeling on Instagram, which is why your content has to be unique in order to stand out. Cindy is fully aware of this and is ever-ready to put in the extra work into creating quality content for her fans. Cindy Tran is always working, and when she’s not busy taking stunning pictures for her page, she’s coming up with new ideas on how to give back to the society. Cindy is a first generation American, and she says her experiences growing up that way have really helped with her charisma, drive and passion for what she does.

One amazing thing about the beautiful Cindy Tran is that she beams of positivity. She is very hardworking, and leaves no room for negativity around her. “I know how bad things can be on the other end (not being motivated) and I know I don’t want to get to that point. I like security and freedom in my life and I am very blessed that my passions allows me to have both of those things” shares Cindy. Fitness is Cindy Tran’s passion and she hopes to inspire people (via to live healthy lives both physically and mentally. Cindy’s advice for those hoping to venture into her industry is – “Surround yourself with people who want to see you grow and who want to grow with you. I know it may sound cliché, but hard work literally pays off almost 100% of the time. In this industry, things are really what you make of them so believe in yourself/product and others will believe in you too”.

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