Shake up the Fitness World with Naor Yazdan

Naor Yazdan

The fitness industry feels very fluid: some trainers are stars for a moment because of working for celebrities and some are stars for a lifetime because of working with real people living everyday challenges. Naor Yazdan steps in and joins people with their mission: better fitness.

He started from a slim guy at 54kg to a fitness model-bodybuilder. He has amassed a network of 4,000+ clients worldwide with his bespoke online program that keeps clients in touch with him 24/7 while allowing them to be the best version of themself.

The idea of never giving up

Yazdan never gives up, he went through major heart valve replacement surgery at 27 and made it through. He didn’t see it as a weakness but a necessary pause in life’s story to success to ensure that he could be here for decades to come so that he could play with his dog, share true love and enjoy adulting with friends. Similarly, Arnold Schwarzenegger is his biggest inspiration, and they have both faced challenges that would otherwise be life-altering. They kept working to be the best in the room and have amassed great success.

Yazdan sees family, commitment and hard work as the three essential pillars in life to maintain, encourage others to ascribe to and actively grow through. He’s more than a body of iron steel, he’s soft too; he shares that the happiest day of his life was adopting his dogs.

The beginning

Yazdan started in 2011, built his website in 2019 and is committed to this lifestyle. Being fit isn’t just looking toned and strong, it’s fuelling the body correctly and supporting the joints, muscles and bones to being able to do just that. Having been in the army, he has the skill of reliability and possibility. In his own words, from before, now and the future, “I’m committed to the goals and I will do everything that is necessary”. The least you will take away from him is infectious energy for change, a genuine desire to improve the basic fitness of those who cross his path and a real human that wants to give of himself.

The not-so-secret system

If you’ve been to a gym or personal trainer, you know that it can be mundane, quick chats and involves leaving the house. With that in mind and a lot of extensive studying, Yazdan developed a system that starts from the beginning to the end, that will educate clients and can be done at home.

His incredible system can be bought but not copied, he recognises that “first they will laugh and then they will copy”. In the fitness world, you have to be intuitive, strive for excellence and live authentically, that clients would want to keep you on and recommend you. He came to shake up an otherwise fast-paced and sometimes fad-like system. You must commit to seriously telling him your short-term and long-term goals, he will prescribe you a custom-built regime that allows access to him via WhatsApp and emails, customised nutrition and workout plan, private advice and group tips.

Find him online

He has the influence of over 110,000 people on his Instagram alone where he shows a softer side to the “big bodybuilder” image that we may hold, shares some exercise routines and what he gets up to in his daily life. In some ways, he’s a fitness mentor, alongside his other titles. Look here for more:

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