Sunil “Shahs” Patel: World-Renowned Concierge Plug

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Sunil Patel (also known as Shahs ) is an enormously successful entrepreneur within the concierge industry. Shahs was kind enough to sit down with us and discuss the success he has had in this luxurious area of business.

Early Days

Shahs began his adventure into the high – stakes world of modern business at the young age of only sixteen when he started his own concierge company. After this, he studied at the London School of Business and would graduate with a degree in Business Administration in 2009. In spite of this sound academic achievement, he is not content with what he has already attained and plans to go to Graduate School to further his knowledge of Business Administration. After graduating in 2009, he managed to land a job as a business analyst, which he did for twelve years and during this time he was involved in deals worth billions of dollars. After this he worked in the Governor’s Office of Management and Business Management for one year; this position allowed him to experience a life of luxury including fancy cars and lifestyle accessories in both London and New York. This was undoubtedly a fantastic experience for him as, during his studies, he developed a passionate interest in business analysis, entrepreneurship, long term corporation, and small and large scale businesses worldwide.

Venturing into the Business World

As mentioned previously, Shahs is currently heavily involved in the concierge industry. He offers his clients a highly individualised package which is meticulously manufactured down to the most delicate details. This could be something like the type of fabric that the customer prefers or the drinks they want at each time of day or even if they prefer travelling in cabins or vehicles. Fine turning these packages to high customers is clearly one of the reasons why shahs’ business has been so successful, he understands that even the smallest of details can ruin someone’s entire experience and therefore it is crucial to ensure that absolutely everything is perfect. He has received multiple awards for all of his successes in the concierge industry, including the Lux Life Award and the concierge company award from London Lifestyle Awards; he has been published in numerous different publications in over twenty countries all around the globe. He also has offices in both London and New York as well as connections to luxury accommodation across the entire world including London, Dubai, Mykonos, Los Angeles and Monaco.

Outside of Business

Shahs has a strong humanitarian and philanthropic streak within him. He has an untiring commitment and drive to bring more dignity and autonomy to developing countries’ citizens. This humanitarianism has led to him gaining an insatiable passion for helping those in the third world and has embarked on missions to Central America and Honduras. This shows that he has a strong moral compass and aspirations that exist outside of the business world; however, if his business continues to grow, then he will have more money and influence. This shows that he has a strong moral compass and aspirations outside of the business world; however, as mentioned before, if his business continues to grow, he will have more money at his disposal. This will allow him to put even more money into his philanthropic ventures of the future. Given his apparent commitment and passion for these causes, it would be fair to speculate that Shahs will make a determined effort to help the less fortunate in the third world.


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