YENGUB Founder Brandon Nguyen-Experiences & Lessons Learned

Brandon Nguyen

You won’t find too many successful entrepreneurs who haven’t seen their fair share of failure. Their success comes from learning from these failures and using the experience to guide them to bigger and better things. Brandon Nguyen, the founder of YENGUB eCommerce, is an example of this same experience. From a university dropout with a 1.2 GPA to clearing $1 million in his first year, to hitting $0 in his bank account during 2020, this inspiring business leader is breaking records and breaking the barriers for many looking to achieve the same level of success he has. Nguyen plans to use what separates him from his competitors to keep allowing him to change the lives of others, because hearing about their success truly ignites his passion even further. A passion like his runs 24/7, from the moment he is up at 6 a.m. and starting his day with meditation. A commitment and fire like his are contagious.


Channeling Childhood Lessons 

Nguyen credits much to having a good mentor early in life and being part of a community outside of school. He learned perseverance and self-control through boxing and what it was like to struggle and feel embarrassment and humility. These lessons, combined with growing up with parents from Vietnam during the war, pushed him towards independence. He focused on doing everything he could not disappoint them, knowing they had started from scratch and seeing how hard they work. His success, including being awarded $1M+ in Upsells by Zipify and earning more than $10 million in a year with his eCommerce stores, has been highly influenced by these lessons.

Learning from 2020

Last year was a challenging year for Nguyen’s business, YENGUB. The pandemic and disturbances seen worldwide in chain supply and shipping did not leave him unaffected. These changes in the market were a test of both his values and his business skills. He found himself with close to a million dollars locked up by a payment processing company. It forced Nguyen to pay about $400k in order shipments and customer refunds out of his own pocket.  Twice during this time, the entrepreneur found himself hitting $0 in his bank account and working solely off of credit. The biggest lesson he learned was that there will always be massive fluctuations in business, and uncertainty comes with that. Nguyen says It is important to stay focused and believe in the bigger picture. He found a way to smile and work through it all. Now he is back and better than ever before as one of the most reputable content creators in the eCommerce space online. 

Translating Lessons to the Future

When asked what’s next and where these lessons will take him, the founder of YENGUB has big visions and plans. Apart from building an education institution and mentoring young lives, he envisions becoming one of the greatest entrepreneurs in marketing and building a multi 8-9 figure business that generates value for the world. An ultimate goal of $300 million or more in ten years, he would like to see everyone financially literate and wealthy. With his motivation to achieve great things and not look back when he is on his deathbed thinking, “I could’ve done more,” there is no doubt he will achieve his goals.

How to Follow Brandon’s Journey

To learn more about Nguyen and his company YENGUB you can follow him on his social media platforms, including:


His YouTube channel is a must-follow, packed with inspirational and informational content that makes anyone want to get up and get started as an entrepreneur today.


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