Affiliate Marketing Explained by YouTuber and Entrepreneur Yair Dabush

Everyone dreams about generating passive income, making money while you sleep, but only few succeed in achieving it. Yair Dabush, a successful YouTuber and an entrepreneur told us that affiliate marketing is the start for many people who want to achieve this goal.

We’ve asked him to explain to us what affiliate marketing is and how it works, and this is his explanation.

– Affiliate marketing is basically promoting other people’s products with revenue sharing, meaning, receiving a set commission for every sale you get to a product through your custom link. 

There are a few parties involved in affiliate marketing. The merchant, or company that provides the product, the consumer, and you.

– First off, you need to find a company who has an affiliate program, and the most popular company right now is Amazon. Amazon is probably the best option for anyone out with affiliate marketing. It’s easier to get a sale through Amazon due to the company being a household name.

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– Second, you will need to find a platform on which you are going to promote your custom links. Most people operate blogs or YouTube channels on the niche of the products they are promoting. While many others use Facebook and Google Ads to promote their links. Paying money to Facebook and Google to promote their links to people with relevant attributes, with the hope of selling products and ending up with a decent ROI can also be a good idea.

– I love the idea of purchasing the product you want to promote, and then upload a video showcasing the product. Talking about its benefits and why the people watching should get it too is an important trigger in affiliate marketing. Starting a blog in a certain niche you know a lot about, and talking about products you find good and interesting is a great starting point. In most cases, promoting products you know nothing about won’t turn out well. Do your research, Dabush adds.

– I would also recommend using an exit gate. This means when people visit your site, and wants to exit the site, a popup will appear alerting the visitor that before they leave they should checkout a certain deal, which can convert people who were not interested in purchasing anything, to purchase something.

– If you’ve tested out affiliate marketing and you find it hard to understand, I would recommend paying for a webinar or a course on the topic. There are many great ones, and you will be covered on everything you need to know. This will make it easier for you to start with your journey as an affiliate marketer, Yair finishes.

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