CEO Sean Pandya Knows How to Maintain the Perfect Balance

Sean Pandya

Sean Pandya who was born as Kishanraj Anil Pandya, stands out and for all of the right reasons.  He is the proud CEO of Amcon Consultants Inc., a business dedicated to the architectural design, and plumbing, mechanical, and electrical engineering that the propagation of buildings entails.  Amcon specifically specializes in the niche of commercial and industrial-type buildings.

Amcon was originally founded by his father, Anil Pandya, but Sean has also made strides with his own company, Sean Pandya Enterprise, where he specifically works within the niche of Cannabis by building dispensaries and the like.  However, successful business undertakings is not all there is to the man.  Pandya prides himself in being a well-rounded individual and maintains a lifestyle that ensures that.

Pandya first made his moves at Amcon Consultants Inc. as a free intern in 2017.  Since then, he has scaled up and started his own company erecting dispensaries to help provide for those who seek to use Cannabis as a medical and holistic alternative to other treatments.  Pandya hopes and confidently believes that the next ten years will consist of more growth and success and does not plan on stopping anytime soon.  Instead of roadblocks, he sees an open road of endless opportunities ahead.

There’s time for work and there’s time for play and Pandya recognizes that.  He makes it a point each day to set at least an hour minimum to work out and practice fitness to sculpt his physique and maintain a healthy status.  Being the busy man he is, each day is not predictable.  This means that his workout schedule varies from day to day sometimes earlier in the day and other times later or even at night.  No matter what, he is committed and makes sure to get in that hour.  It’s his time to not only physically build on himself but he genuinely enjoys it as an outlet as well so his fitness time is a part of his “me time”.  Naturally, to support such an active lifestyle, one must be on top when it comes to their nutritional needs.  Pandya has that down and ensures that he never skips breakfast.  Breakfast time is a staple and essential meal that starts out each and every day.

One glance at Pandya’s Instagram social media platform presence that boasts over 23k followers and it doesn’t take any diving to realize that Pandya has a passion for cars.  His profile even explicitly states the luxury models he owns: a 2020 Shelby GT500, a BMW M4 Yas in the shade of marina blue, and a Corvette C7 Z06 which comes in lava orange.  He also has his Instagram stories organized to feature his cars for all the car fanatics in his audience probing his page.  Pandya sees spoiling himself every now and then as an essential part of staying motivated and as testaments to his hard work.  His Corvette Z06 is one of his biggest prides and joys as he said, “I knew I had really earned it through honest, hard work.”

From building his own empire to fitness and cars, Sean Pandya seemingly does it all!  Between work and play, Pandya finds the perfect balance that keeps him driven along his continued path to success and growing empire.  To keep up with Sean Pandya and his business moves with Amcon Consultants Inc. and Sean Pandya Enterprise, follow his social media handles: Facebook and Instagram.





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