Filippo Donada: How to be a Doctor and an Entrepreneur with success


For those weighing in between pursuing a medical career or one in digital networking and marketing, Filippo Donada is a living example of: why not do both? Filippo Donada is both an entrepreneur and medical doctor based in Italy. He is living the best of both worlds currently as he assumes the role of co-founder of an up and coming and prestigious digital marketing company known as MarketerZeta. The company adheres to a mission aimed to help young and ambitious entrepreneurs looking to make a career out of digital marketing. The years ahead are going to be big for MarketerZeta and only time will tell.

Before diving into digital marketing, Donada was paving his way through medical school in pursuit of a medical career to make an impact on people’s lives for the better. Equipped with a direct focus and dedication on his part and a solid family to support him, Donada was able to graduate and assume his role as a medical doctor. However, as it turns out, that is not where Donada wanted his journey to stop.

Just three years ago, Donada was inspired by the likes of Italian influential individuals, Leonardo Verona Andrea Del Gratta and Stefano Schirru. Soon enough, Donada was not only mentally inspired but decided to also put forth the action to back it up. That is precisely where Donada’s journey with digital marketing and co-founding of MarketerZeta was born. Now at the ripe and youthful age of 27 and not having even reached the milestone of age 30, Donada is leading in two career paths – paths seemingly polar opposites to one another at first glance but yet Donada has found a way to seamlessly converge the two.

Upon co-founding MarketerZeta, Donada and his fellow co-founders were keen on making it a company that stands out amongst other digital marketing platforms. Especially in today’s age, digital marketing is on the rise so it was important that MarketerZeta would not blend in with the rest. That precise vision in mind was achieved as MarketerZeta’s community not only teaches its members the ins and outs to be successful in digital marketing but it also alots its members a share of the business as well hence an opportunity for ample growth. Donada advises that now is the time to hop on board and join the fleets of MarketerZeta as the company is currently on the rise so it may just be the most opportune time to be a part of it all. Upon being asked on what he would suggest to any young, ambitious entrepreneur looking to follow in similar steps as him, he responded, “If I could give any advice to any youngster out there who’s not decided yet whether to jump in or not, would surely be to make sure he’d be signed in before we reach the next level.” Donada added, “MarketerZeta is literally exploding right now.”

MarketerZeta really is “exploding” as Donada puts it as it has recently expanded from being solely confined within the borders of Italy to other European countries and Donada anticipates that this is only the beginning of the chain. Ultimately, he hopes for MarketerZeta to reach a global scale where he would travel between stages across the world to inspire others just as he too, was once inspired to become involved with MarketerZeta in the first place. Ultimately he hopes to become known for being the doctor to have “not only helped people feel better physically but helped them be at their best in mind”. Just as well, he hopes to also set an example for other fellow doctors as well that they too, can be great in network just as finessed as they are in the medical field. From where MarketerZeta is standing now and all of the investment Donada has put into it, his dreams are just within fingertips of becoming reality. To keep up with Filippo Donada as he continues to excel in both medicine and network and what heights he takes MarketerZeta to next, follow his Instagram.

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