Tech Entrepreneur Christopher Hughes’s Journey from Founding a Hosting Company in 1997 to Building a Seven-Digit Business

MintWP founder Christopher Hughes makes his mark in the seven-digit business world.

Christopher Hughes has been steadily climbing the success ladder with his companies, mintWP, and Red Lettuce, gaining a surge of business amidst lockdown. The pandemic has shut down several opportunities but also opened doors for many. MintWP has been assisting struggling e-commerce websites in shifting base to manage their WordPress e-commerce stores. Some sites experienced a sudden growth of over 1000% compared to average traffic levels.

“A blessing in disguise”

A blessing in disguise, Hughes was ready for this shift due to his vast experience in it. Hughes jumped into the tech world in 1997 because he loved technology. From his first company to his recent launches, his life revolves around creating excellent products. He dove straight into business with his hosting company in 1996 – a small UK based company catered to hosting over 50,000 websites. His work got him recognition, and his company was acquired by Fasthosts (the largest hosting company). He contributed with his exceptional skills as part of their team till 2002.

Post the experience, he juggled several trades, even owning a bakery! He ran multiple ventures to hone his skills and ideas, building a noted online presence. He was widely recognized and valued as the owner of the most extensive bar-and-pub online guide in the UK, peaking at 20 million visitors. This also got him a popular cruise and destination website that raked in a lot of fame and awards over eight years.

Shifted focus to digital marketing

In the following years, he shifted his focus to digital marketing, hoping to create something influential to utilize his tech experience. He kept working but also started a personal project, launching another hosting company, MintWP, in 2017. He realized the immense potential of this venture and shifted his operational services to purely WordPress development and maintenance services at his website ( The impeccable success urged him to build another company catering to software acquisition and development.

Today both his companies are garnering attention for all the right reasons. Twenty-four years of sheer brilliance and dedicated tech love has earned him his seven-digit business today. As Hughes puts it, “I love being able to create a great experience for end-users with a product or a service, [that] I have designed or developed.” Hughes aims to create and develop a lot more user-friendly designs for his end-users. Currently, he aspires to make RedLettuce attain the most extensive WordPress portfolio in the UK.

If you have a plugin that you no longer wish to develop or are looking for a partner, get in touch with Christopher via Twitter or Facebook.

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