The Best Smart Contract in the Meme Token Realm: PRESIDENT DOGE

president doge

President Doge is the once and for all Meme Coins killer. Bold statement, I know …. bear with us and you’ll find out why so.

The world of cryptocurrencies has experienced months of absolute madness with currencies, without any technological fundamentals, which have seen their value multiply up to 1000 times.

The sector that literally exploded is undoubtedly that of Memes. Originally it was Doge, born exclusively to desecrate the cryptocurrency sector and quickly becoming the living example of how much everything is possible in this world, reaching a capitalization of 50-70 billion dollars, thanks also to the tweets of the lunatic billionaire Elon Musk.

Then it was the time of Shiba Inu, which saw hundreds of thousands of fans from all over the world witness a stunning performance.

Other projects such as Baby Doge, Baby Shiba, Kishu Inu and so on have entered this wave.

We have thoroughly analyzed all aspects of these tokens and their Smart Contracts and astoundingly (or not?), they are literally “empty”.

Their Smart Contracts are a copy and paste of previous contracts without any innovation or sustainability. In fact, most of them are witnessing rapid growth followed by sharp decline.

These days a new project is entering the market and promises to do so with an innovative Smart Contract, drawn up from scratch, with cutting edge and congruent functions, ensuring all the Pros of the previous “success cases” and avoiding their recurring “drawbacks” .

The project is called President Doge and is announced to be the final Meme Token that will oust everyone else.

The innovative Smart Contract combines auto burns, auto buy-backs, auto liquidity locks, auto distributions to holders, charity donation and, in addition, several protocols to limit the drawbacks and risks crypto and launches often encounter.

To have a clear understanding of each and every function and protocol, head over to their official website

Their official community can be reached on Telegram at


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