The Man Behind Multimillion Dollar Success – Anthony Nuara

Anthony Nuara

Anthony Nuara may just be the ultimate CEO.  He leads not one but many companies varying from solar, water purification, financial freedom and ecommerce, and investments.  Some companies that he serves as CEO and founder include “Freedom Power Solutions”, “Freedom Investing”, “Freedom Water Solutions”, and “Amazon Freedom”.  Most impressively, Nuara is still at the ripe age of 31.  Just barely out of his twenties and having accomplished and continuing to accomplish so much, it is inspirational to many.  Who is Nuara and where did the sequence to success all begin?

Nuara’s business and entrepreneur ventures can be traced back to approximately a decade ago.  At age 21, Nuara found himself as a partial owner of a business.  However, he cites age 25 as being the time where things really seemed to take off with his involvement in the sales industry.  As he reflects back to that younger version of himself, he remembers being only equipped with a thousand dollars.  But he put that thousand dollars forward to good use and today at 31, he is a multimillionaire.  It’s crazy to think that Nuara has managed to scale up to owning and leading so many businesses within just a span of ten years from his relative starting point.  But Nuara has managed to achieve such a feat but not through sheer luck but rather through hard work, passion and dedication.

To Nuara, his work isn’t “work”.  Rather, as Nuara puts it himself, “I consider everything a lifestyle not really work.  I enjoy everything I do on a daily basis.  I say everyday is my birthday.”  Nuara takes great pride in being able to satisfy his clients.  He cites receiving thousands of messages dedicated to thanking him for his services which he sees as a testament and accomplishment of his work ethic.  Not only that, but Nuara isn’t afraid to overdeliver.  As he puts it in reference to his companies’ work, “we underpromise and overdeliver.  Managing expectations is everything.”

Nuara’s entire career is built around the objective of being able to help others and be a leader and mentor that he wished he had to look up to as he was growing up.  He readily opens himself up as a resource to aspiring entrepreneurs by welcoming messages on his social media from anyone looking to learn more from him and his insights.  Nuara’s future goals align with those same helpful sentiments as he cites one of his financial goals being to reach a billionaire status and one of the reasons for doing so is because it would put him at a position where he would be able to be financially equipped to be even further of a help to give back to others.

As great of a pride and joy Nuara’s businesses play in his life, Nuara ensures to maintain a well rounded lifestyle but setting aside time for family and loved ones as well.  At the end of the day, as successful as he is, Nuara is a normal guy and gets joy from the small moments of life.  One particular anecdote he looks back on with humor is a time where he was bathing with his significant other.  The only catch was that Nuara was having a bad case of flatulence.  Put being underwater and flatulence – makes for one bubbly time!  The anecdote sheds light on the humanity of Nuara and his sense of humor.  He has time for seriousness where he puts his game face on but then he also balances it out with times for play and good fun.

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