Unleash Your Genius-Potential With Ray Pang

Failures in one area do not prevent great success in others. The first step to victory is always discovery. Ray Pang knows this as well as anyone else, and turned it into his mission.

Ray Pang Si Heng grew up in Singapore. His parents heavily encouraged him to do well in all of his academic work as he moved through his school life. He did complete his education with River Valley High School and graduated with a Bachelor of Business from the Monash University in Australia, after vowing to make his parents proud.

Before he reached this stage, his academic results weren’t particularly impressive. This was not a true reflection of his skills, however- from a small child he was a top-three student in his class- it was a result of him being a bit naughty and preferring football and socializing to academics. Ray himself would say he had a rebellious and outspoken personality which led to him gaining a reputation at school: “Having a reputation will result in people having a polarising opinion of you.” He was not without his loyal friends but he did have those he just could not get on with. Still, he learned from these experiences. “I knew how to handle the negative comments of other people and came to understand that life is not about pleasing everyone, it’s about finding your tribe of people who you can trust and truly care about you.” 

In some aspects, his interest in football paid off, in terms of the team-managing aspect. During his college football experiences, he discovered his potential as a leader. He was then able to apply this to his business life. He ended up being hired by a FinTec start-up after he graduated from University. As he says, “Even though I was given the role of being a ‘marketing associate’, I was doing so many things- operations, finance, partnerships, executive meetings, strategy sessions, and so many more. As I was wearing different hats in an innovative environment, I felt like my brain and my soul was firing on all four cylinders and I was operating like a madman every single day like it was nothing.

Unfortunately, due to financial issues, the company laid him off in the Summer of 2019. After this, he decided to look for a new set of skills to acquire that could help him earn his income. On the subject, Ray says: “After realizing that putting my future and my situations at the mercy of just one company and whatnot, I quickly concluded that I had to find a way to make money in any condition. And I knew I had to make money in different ways so that whenever one source gets cut off and when things don’t go according to plan, I could still live comfortably.” 

And Ray’s plan has been going very well indeed. The now 25-year-old has an income close to $100k/month and both owns and co-owns multiple business ventures. One such business is Addicted2Success Academy which acts as a self-development education platform which offers ambitious entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers and online influencers the chance to learn from world-class business people, who can help steer them to success. Ray also offers Speaker Agency which focuses on helping coaches, speakers and thought-leaders to build and grow within their industry. This is achieved through the use of relationship-driven business developments, marketing, sales strategies and teams.

It is clear to see that Ray has unleashed his inner-genius, proving any earlier failures don’t have to prevent success from happening. And now, admirably, he is helping others to realise the same thing.


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