Visions of the Future: Stefano Schirru’s Aspirations

stefano schirru

Stefano Schirru, 23, has a short career thus far, but that doesn’t mean his small goals. Born from a small town in Sardinia, Schirru always wanted to do great things with his life and become an entrepreneur. As a result, he was motivated to study and work hard to become a digital marketer. From there, his dreams grew beyond his tiny little town. Now, he plans to give back to his family, community, and hopefully, to the rest of the world.

Thus far in Schirru’s career, he has had many achievements. He has grown his business in a short three years, become an example for so many, and guides those within the industry. Now that he has earned his first achievement as an entrepreneur, he has his vision set for the future. One of his primary goals is to grow his organization to become more productive. From there, he hopes to travel the world and see parts of the world he has never seen before.

In the next ten years, Stefano Schirru sees himself in a unique and exciting place in his life. As a digital marketer, he hopes to have double the desire and ambition that he does currently. He knows that the digital marketing world is not for everyone because it is incredibly unique. But Schirru sees digital marketing and his entrepreneurship role as a means of finding personal freedom for himself.

For his family, Schirru has big goals as well. He plans to buy a house for his sister in the future to help her achieve her goals. For Schirru, giving back to his family has always been part of the plan. After all, they are his family, and he comes from humble beginnings. Schirru knows the value of never forgetting where you came from and always understanding the significant influence on who someone can become.

Schirru doesn’t have a role model, but he looks up to people who never make excuses. He aspires to be the person who always acts like every day is Monday–the type of people who always work hard, even when no one is watching. For him, these are the kind of people that push Schirru to become the most successful person he possibly can.

Thus far, Schirru’s happiest day of his life was the day he started his community. On February 2nd, 2020, he launched his community and thus began the current chapter of his career. In the future, he knows that there are many more fantastic days ahead to show him the power of desire and ambition and the will to continue forward towards goals.

The possibilities will keep on arriving for Schirru as he continues to work hard towards more success in the future! Once he reaches his goals, Schirru will always have another set waiting to be achieved when the time comes. To connect with Stefano Schirru and join his community of entrepreneurs and digital marketing professionals, follow his Instagram to see regular content.

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