Why Famous Entrepreneur Mo Kumarsi Made Move To Dubai

Mo Kumarsi in Dubai with a Tiger

Mo Kumarsi is a well-known Entrepreneur and Internet sensation best known for his success in sales, crypto, and teaching people on social media. He has been living in Vancouver but decided to take the plunge and move to Dubai – a decision that he credits to his faith. 

Not only was this the right move for him personally, but he believes that out of anywhere worldwide, Dubai is where you will find the most opportunity and so had become one of the major hubs for entrepreneurs who want to make an impact on both a local and international scale.

Mo’s Journeys to Dubai

Over the past few years, Mo has taken multiple trips to Dubai that have reignited his passion for the city. With each journey, his appreciation for Dubai’s culture and potential only grew stronger – especially when it comes to its faith based society and moral culture. 

It was eventually time for him to make the big step which came with much excitement yet also uncertainty as any life changing decision would bring. But fear not! He is more excited than ever to begin this new chapter of his life!

What Can We Expect In The Months Ahead?

No doubt Mo will be putting in many long hours into making sure his venture succeeds. He hopes that by beginning a new venture in Dubai he can not only contribute positively towards himself but also those around him by inspiring others through what he does best – entrepreneurship! 

His ambition knows no bounds and we can’t wait to see what comes from all of this hard work in the months ahead! With such an exciting future ahead, it’s no wonder why so many people have chosen or are considering taking their business ideas overseas.

So What Is Next On The List For Mo?

As with any entrepreneur, there are always new projects that come up which keep them busy regardless of location or situation. As far as we know there aren’t any massive projects in the pipeline but if anything changes soon enough we’ll know all about it via Mo’s socials – where you can expect plenty of updates on how things are going with his latest venture! 

Until then sit tight because great things are sure to come our way soon enough!

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