Christopher Senekki : Fashion Guru and Men’s Mental Health Enthusiast

christopher senekki

Poor self-perception births anxiety and subsequently depression and isolation. Too many people suffer from mental health issues. An alarming number of people develop serious mental health issues due to the way they perceive themselves, and a lot of men have fallen prey to the false idea that they should be “tough enough” to fix all their problems on their own, making many men across the wold fall prey of mental health disorders. We’re ignoring the stigma surrounding mental health that stops men from seeking help when they need it most- and its literally killing them.

Christopher Senekki has been in the fashion scene for over two decades now, and is now using fashion as an avenue in tackling men’s mental health issues. He strongly believes that what men wear has a way of affecting how they perceive themselves. Christopher himself notes that what we put on and go about our daily activities, has a way of affecting how we perceive ourselves. He says that from simple things like how a crumpled shirt could blow a date, or a dirty pair of sneakers could lead to embarrassing jokes from friends, all these things could affect a man’s perception about himself, and how a man perceives himself is very vital to their mental health, as ill perception about one’s self could lead to social anxiety, depression and even suicide.

Christopher himself has also had personal struggles both in his personal and professional life, and this tough times helped shaping his perspective on the matter. Seeing as he also has experienced ups and downs, he began to research what he was feeling and going through, and he found comfort in recognizing that millions of men across the world are going through the same things.

However, Christopher Senekki strongly believes that opening yourself up to criticism and being confident in yourself are crucial components of developing a satisfied and happy outlook in life. He believes fashion to have a vital impact on self-perception. Picking out clothes that help us achieve an image and style that makes us feel good about ourselves will help in battling against feelings of being left out or not up to par.

Christopher Senekki is using his interest and expertise in fashion to help men around the world have confidence in themselves and at the same time tackle different forms of mental issues they may face.

Christopher understands that there are a lot of ways in which fashion can facilitate social change, especially as regards to low confidence men may have in themselves. And through his modern contemporary street-wear fashion style, he looks to helping men attain better versions of themselves, build their confidence and improve how they perceive themselves. He also uses he Instagram page @s__christopher to reach out to his followers. Giving them free advice and outfit inspirations to help them attain best possible versions of themselves.

Having said this, it is essential to understand that fashion isn’t the complete answer, but we are grateful for having people like Christopher Senekki using fashion as an avenue in improving self-perception and helping men tackle issues as regards to their confidence and mental health, and helping them express themselves through fashion.

While there is still a lot to do, Christopher Senekki is certainly making a major impact already.

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