Maxime Hinnekens, the Belgian Entrepreneur who Works on Disrupting the E-commerce and Finance Industries Simultaneously

maxime hinnekens

Maxime Hinnekens is an example of a determined businessman who works hard his way up to success. He became the leader of three companies at only 22. His story reveals the secret to a successful career. 

The early years of his journey

At a young age, when Maxime was only 15 he bought his first bitcoin. After that, he knew exactly what he wasn’t to do when comes to a professional career. Maxime was convinced that he wants more than having just a job after graduating and he started to work hard on his dreams. 

Maxime was raised in Belgium but he was determined to expand his world. As a result, he travels abroad at 18 to join a private university and to create new connections. He attended various business conferences and his motivation and passion were the most important factors in attracting new opportunities. Now, he lives in three countries, Belgium, Spain, and The Netherlands.

AdFrame and its success

A few months after turning 22, Maxime Hinneken founded AdFrame, an international agency managing digital talents and influencers on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and Snapchat. They are specialized in growth strategies, copyright management, and operational support. Nowadays, social media is a great platform to grow our business but also on a personal note, we are all involved in it. Maxime knew how to transform an idea into an opportunity. 

Since then, he’s been invited to take part in various vlogs with his friend and famous Dutch YouTuber Kwebbelkop , but they have recently been put on Private. Some people might recognize Maxime from there. 

What makes Maxime Hinnekens stand out?

Why is Maxime Hinnekens different than other successful competitors? Well, he knows to fill a gap by developing new ideas and projects and this is a very important element in the business world. He is creative, patient when comes to results, and is extremely determined to become a better version of himself every day.

I always find what the customer is lacking or is annoyed by when buying from competitors, which I then act upon.

Maxime is an entrepreneur who likes to socialize and this brought him to the next level when comes to networking. Even today, his working methods are built around the following characteristics and actions: be social, convince, promise, and deliver. With a certain knowledge in finance and business, Maxime Hinnekens made six figures profit on a single trade option during COVID-19. This is very impressive, indeed! 

Never be too sure about your success, stay humble, and be happy after you achieve, not before.

The practical part of managing three companies

When it comes to specific steps in managing the companies, it is important to work on urgent matters and also on growing and expanding the current business. Maxime wakes up every day at 7 am, discipline is an important factor when comes to business. In the morning, he is more focused on the urgent tasks he has to finish and after lunch, his mind is concentrated on generating more ideas and working on new projects. It is always a circle, if you have a business mindset, your present achievements will be a determination to start a new project, not a final destination. 

I always seem to be able to convince someone into working with me/getting a sale. This has allowed me to establish a huge network of important people globally and from every industry, and this at a very young age.

His hobbies go hand in hand with his professional life. Maxime is not scared to approach possible new business partners and to express his ideas. This is one of the main reasons why his success is so big at a very young stage. 

Advice for the young businessman 

One of the most important qualities needed in order to achieve success in the business industry is to be brave and take risks. Be social, convince, promise, and deliver. If you believe in yourself, take the right steps at the right time like Maxime Hinnekens did, you will hit your goal. We asked Maxime what is his favourite quote, and fairly enough we are not surprised to see that such a great entrepreneur is fixed on new opportunities. 

Free time and hobbies 

It is not very surprising that Maxime’s free time is invested in the stock market. Mainly he trades options (L.E.A.P.S.) and American stocks. He enjoys it so much that he even became a brand ambassador for my trading platform (SaxoBank) so that he can show others how to do it. In addition, he likes to produce music through analogue synthesisers and modular components.

To sum up, Maxime’s story was inspired by Elon Musk, who is his example and perhaps motivation sometimes. The three core values in life according to Maxime are stability, freedom, and family, including friends. To see more about his story, follow Maxime on Instagram @maximehinnekens


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